September 2016
Independent Reading and DQ’s (discussion questions)
  • Due dates on the main page calendar
  • Quarter 1's DQ responses will be turned in on paper (not the online discussion board). Your FINAL REVIEW and SUMMARY will be posted on this wiki's discussion board.
  • QUESTIONS (same for books 1 and 2):
    1: After having read about a quarter of your book, what is your initial impression? Explain.
    2: You are now halfway through your book. Answer one (1) of the following: What is it about this book that motivates you to finish? OR What about this book is making it difficult to get through?
    3: What is the journey, literal or figurative, that seems to be most central to your book? Describe it.
    4: What has been the impact of the journey you described in DQ 3?

August 2016